New Sound Of Numbers: Invisible Magnetic  LP   (Cloud Recordings)

Release date: October 15, 2013

New Sound Of Numbers - Invisible Magnetic

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Bio: Cloud Recordings is proud to announce the second album from The New Sound of Numbers, an experimental post-punk band based in Athens, Georgia fronted by Hannah Jones and featuring members of Pylon and the Olivia Tremor Control.

Invisible Magnetic is the follow up to debut album Liberty Seeds, compared by Mia Clarke in The Wire magazine to the Slits and Lizzie Mercier Descloux. The new album is even more urgent and danceable, with a more celebratory feel. Violin, clarinet, melodic, synth, and trumpet flesh out the songs, along with a musique concrete influence that takes you right into the environment.

Alongside fellow local bands Tunabunny, Grape Soda, Muuy Biien, and Antlered Aunt Lord, The New Sound of Numbers are creating a new generation of avant-pop music from the town that started it all—a willfully artistic life you can hear in every groove.