Red Sleeping Beauty: Kristina  CD/LP   (Shelflife Records)

Release date: June 17, 2016





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Bio: 2016 is a big year for Swedish indiepop legends Red Sleeping Beauty. They will release their first album in 19 years! "Kristina" is out June 17 on Shelflife and Labrador Records on limited white and yellow vinyl versions, CD and digital formats.

Red Sleeping Beauty formed in Stockholm in 1989 by singer Kristina Borg, singer/guitarist Niklas Angergård (Acid House Kings), guitarist Mikael Matsson (The Shermans), and bassist Carl-Johan Näsström. They made a huge impact on the international indiepop scene with two fantastic albums and a series of singles and EPs. Their first release was in 1992 with EP Pop Sounds (Marsh Marigold), followed by four 7"s all on different pop labels (Somersault, Motorway, Grimsey, and Sunday) before returning to Marsh-Marigold for the first full length Bedroom. They then signed to the legendary Siesta Records to release their fifth single Sick & Tired, their second album Soundtrack, and a compilation of singles. In 2014, the band reunited in the studio to record "Just For Fun," an Alpaca Sports cover, as well as "Merry Christmas, Marie" as a special holiday track. In 2015, pop fans rejoiced with their spectacular return to vinyl with the "Always" 7" on Shelflife. In 2016, the band played the Madrid popfest and released another 7" "Mi Amor," the band's first ever song with a chorus sung entirely in Spanish.

For fans of: Acid House Kings, The Shermans, Club 8