Throwing Muses: Purgatory/Paradise  lp/cs   (HHBTM Records)

Release date: October 28, 2014



TM-photo (steve gullick)

TM-photo (Dina Douglas)

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Bio: HHBTM is honored to be handling the vinyl/cassette release and distribution for Throwing Muses Purgatory/Paradise. Released last November on CD with an accompanying book of lyrics/essay/artwork , Purgatory/Paradise won the band some of the best reviews of their illustrious career. Coming on the heels of Kristin Hersh’s Rat Girl, a stunning piece of literature, P/P heralds a creative renaissance from one of the most unique artists in the history of rock.

Hersh has always written with a cinematographer’s eye, the epitome of show v. tell, and P/P is a masterpiece of detail. Sweaty and noirish, it unfolds like a film. We’ve listened it to probably 50 times here at HHBTM headquarters and we’re still finding new perspective and meaning each time we listen.

Throwing Muses has inspired this label in so many ways, from the people who run it to the bands who record for it, and we’re beside ourselves with delight to be bring this record into the world in vinyl form. But while it’s a thrill to be involved with this record, it’s not nearly as thrilling as the album itself—a masterpiece. You can keep your True Detective; we’ve got Purgatory/Paradise

Here’s some praise from the arbiters of culture:

‘Hersh transmits a visionary quality to her songs.’
—Mojo, 4 stars

‘Purgatory/Paradise is unlike anything I’ve heard all year.’
—Pitchfork, 8.0

Every part of Purgatory/Paradise has meaning for the band and its listeners, making it a satisfying artifact in a time when music is becoming increasingly disposable. May they ever go against the grain.
—AllMusic, 4 stars