Static Daydream at Philthy Mag

Static Daydream are an enigma… no, really… there’s like no info available on them…anywhere… Pretty much the most the internet knows thus far is that the duo is comprised of partners (musical and otherwise) Paul Baker and Jamie Casey.  That and that they make hyper-fuzzy pop music reminiscent of both proto-and-post-punk, but with an extra heavy dose of what the shoegazers brought to the table.  Oh, and (I promise this is the last thing I could find on them.) their self-titled full-length debut drops this Friday, August 28th, on Saint Marie Records and Paul Baker recently took some time to fill me in on all the things I’d been wondering about Static Daydream.

Izzy: So this project is still pretty new, with your debut LP coming out next week. What was it that first made you want to embark on this project? And do you feel like it’s allowed you to do things that you couldn’t in previous bands?

Paul Baker: I decided to leave my previous group back in 2012, and even though I had a bit of music I’d been working on, I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue. Working with Jamie Casey inspired me to keep working on things, and I decided to just go for it. Jake Reid was incredibly helpful, from helping me to use technology a bit more, to recording some vocals and guitar, to working with me on the mixing and mastering aspect of things.

I don’t think I’ve felt like I’m allowed to do anything I couldn’t have done before, though that’s a good question.  Maybe I’ve just taken some time and felt a breath of fresh air, so to speak, and enjoyed experimenting a little bit more.  It’s been both humbling and really rewarding to start Static Daydream from almost nowhere and feel good about what we’ve done, and to have gotten some really nice feedback from people out there.  Sometimes I can’t believe how nice the response has been.

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