Static Daydream at Raised by Gypsies

The music of Static Daydream is instantly loud and full of distortion.   If you think of the distortion levels as being like a water faucet these are set to full throttle here and there is very little signs of them stopping.    When you hear the distortion as well- this loudness that goes throughout the entire album- I can’t help but think of it as being somewhat since if it was to exist on its own then that is what it would be since it is steady with little break.     But there are other bits of music behind it as well as vocals and that just all lends its unique sound to Static Daydream.

Part Modern English, part New Order and all around just reminding me of something off of a soundtrack for a John Hughes movie (See: “Breakfast Club” or “Pretty In Pink”) the songs of Static Daydream rock on through and just don’t feel like anything I’ve ever quite heard before.   I would definitely feel inclined to place Static Daydream into the actual shoegaze genre (Not the one everyone on Bandcamp prefers to tag themselves under) but then the question is what kind of shoegaze does this sound like exactly?