Close Lobsters at This Wreckage

Somehow, I mostly missed Scottish band Close Lobsters back in the late 80s, but I didn’t completely miss them.  At some point, I picked up a couple of their EPs used, and I still have their excellent song “Lovely Little Swan” on a bizarre 1990 K-Tel Records “modern rock” compilation called The Edge of Rock that I bought simply for the cheap… Continue reading Close Lobsters at This Wreckage

Primitives at This Wreckage

The slow re-introduction to the Primitives has finally culminated in a full length album of new material!  After eons away, they returned to action in 2011 with an EP (see review here), then graced us with an interesting covers record in 2012 (review here) and finally they teased us with the fun way pre-LP single, “Lose the Reason,” back in… Continue reading Primitives at This Wreckage

Luxembourg Signal at This Wreckage

When I bought The Luxembourg’s debut 7” single, “Distant Drive,” earlier this spring, I had no idea that much of the band used to make up Sarah Records staple Aberdeen from back in the day.  I simply knew that “Distant Drive” is an infectious and lovely song that perfectly fits its theme.  It makes for a great song to kick off… Continue reading Luxembourg Signal at This Wreckage