The Primitives at Sound it Out

Like a swingin’ 1960′s rave-up on amphetamines – OK, make that MORE amphetamines – “Petals,” the latest track by the UK’s The Primitives, kicks into high gear from the jump and doesn’t relent for an “Oh, I could listen for SO much longer” two-and-a-half minutes. But, of course, if it WERE longer than that, it wouldn’t be The Primitives, would it?

This shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s familiar with the occasionally-interrupted career arc of the Coventry-based pre-Britpop mainstays, but it’s more than refreshing to hear Tracy Tracy and crew fall back into step so seamlessly. It’s fuzzy, it’s poppy, it’s driving and, most of all, it’s fun – just like you remember, except it’s the last quarter of 2014 and the rest of the blonde-poppers have gone the way of the buffalo. And that’s why I’m glad The Primitives are still around to do what they do.

“Petals” is the third track off the upcoming Spin-O-Rama, the latest LP from The Primitives, due out October 13. No word on when the four piece plans to head stateside – only a few dates, all UK/European, are listed on the band’s website – but with contemporaries like Slowdive, Johnny Marr and more embarking on North American tours this fall, here’s hoping The Primitives won’t be far behind.