Thee Koukouvaya at This Is Books Music

John O’Hara and Brian Wenckebach are the two men behing Thee Koukouvaya and what they create, at least with This Is The Mythology Of Modern Death(Saint Marie) is a collection of music that brings you deep into your own feelings and solitude, to make you feel what you need to feel but it will immerse you deeper, if that makes any sense. What I’m trying to say is with their electronic sensibilities, they are able to create something that can fit in any mood at any time, anywhere. You could easily imagine hearing this in television shows, movies, or video games and in fact, I think they would do very well in those fields and become a success. What exactly is this mythology they mention in the album’s title, what is the difference between modern death and the death of ancient times, or is it a way to make you think of the possibilities, then think of the possibilities of what this music could do within any context? Maybe it’s like the film The Myth Of Fingerprints, you’re trying to figure out if we’re really more common than we think we are, and what can be done to let everyone know we are all one? Maybe the music is a celebration of oneness via the beauty of differences. Whatever it is, it’s a nice album for those who enjoy electronic music power and the paths it creates along the way.

(This Is The Mythology Of Modern Death will be released on October 9th and can be pre-ordered from