Witching Waves at Big Takeover

London’s Witching Waves return with a second full-length of dark post-punk excellence sure to expand the trio’s fanbase beyond the confines of their home country.

Crystal Cafe establishes Witching Waves as Live Skull for a new millennium. ALuxembourg Signal-like ethereal quality pervades the songs, allowing catchy choruses to waft in the shadowy atmosphere. Meanwhile, intricate, yet memorable, guitar licks push the songs beyond their early Cure sensibilities into a spiraling black hole orbit. Instrumental interludes allow emotions to pour solely from instruments without the necessity for words. There’s someBreeders and a little Wire, too, but, mostly, this is three people from London making astounding music that deserves to be heard.

New releases come and go, with very few falling into the category of “must have.” Skip lunch, save money, do what you have to do to buy this album. It’s worth it.