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Animal Daydream at Three Imaginary Girls

As you know, we here at Three Imaginary Girls *love* all things related to Seattle’s brilliant music scene. But we have to admit, when a British or Nordic band (ok, or Australian) comes a calling, our hearts equally flutter.

So when I saw that Jigsaw Records – Seattle’s indie-pop headquarters (in the form of a record label and a record store) – had a new release by the Gothenburg, Sweden duo, Animal Daydream, I wanted to share it with you on the quick!

Citrus,” the title track of the new EP, comes to life in this beautiful (and slightly trippy) video. We are honored to have the chance to exclusively debut it for you here at TIG.

I’d categorize Animal Daydream under earthy soft rock power-pop with 70’s overtones.Any of their songs would be *perfect* on a mixtape, comfortably sandwiched between Fleet Foxes and Teenage Fanclub.

The EP is available digitally at Bandcamp or you can treat yourself to the fancy 7” version– only 300 copies pressed.


Halfsour at Three Imaginary Girls

The folks at Seattle record label (and record store) Jigsaw Records bring us Tuesday Night Live – the debut album by Halfsour. The Boston trio’s brand of indie-pop comes from the other side of the tracks, where “cute and precious” is overpowered by fast-paced, retro jangle and fearless, yet catchy, melodies.

I immediately fell for their candid guitar+drum cocktail as they mix early Wedding Present relentless spunk (especially on “Topsider”) with a slight nod to The Knack’s “My Sharona” (on “Porch Sitting”) and traces of  lovely, enveloping guitar that Curve would be particularly proud of in “IK.”

“Pop Art Pop Tart” is a perfect sub-genre term for their sound and my favorite song on the album – it’s relentless and determined. It is a wall of DIY guitar jangle that is paired well with“No Culture Icons” by The Thermals (be still my heart).

Click through for an album stream!


Try the Pie at Three Imaginary Girls

I’m a sucker for lo-fi confessionals. Having someone more eloquent than myself detailing my ownself-conscious inner dialogs comforts me and cushions my own nervous conclusions and assumptions.

The new Try the Pie album, Rest, hits all those chords of hopes and fears and longing and lust.Imagine the minimalist beauty of early Kim Deal demos after she binge listened to the Softies and the first Bright Eyes album. The complex storylines make me feel settled and less alone – a great companion to our short days and months of wintertime darkness.

And Three Imaginary Girls is honored to be able to offer you a chance to hear it first!Behold, our first, post-relaunch exclusive album stream.

If you want to jump to hear one or two tracks, my picks are “Bunkbed” and “Root to Branch.”

Try The Pie is the songwriting project of San Jose based Bean Tupou, who you might know from the bands Sourpatch and Crabapple. This new project is intimate, to say the least. As Bean explains:

“Alu’a” is the Tongan word for goodbye when you are staying and the other person is going. “Rest” is an album dedicated to this sentiment. I wrote the songs over a duration of three years (2005-2008) and recorded it in the last year by myself in my room in San Francisco. Sometimes you can hear someone doing dishes or the beep of a dying smoke-detector. “

The album is quiet and compelling. You can connect with Try The Pie on facebook and hear more music and/or purchase the album on bandcamp. Have a listen!