Bloody Knives at Primal Music Blog

Texas based noisemakers ‘Bloody Knives’ have just announced the first single to be released from their highly anticipated forthcoming album ‘I Will Cut Your Heart Out For This’ via Saint Marie Records.

‘Poison Halo’ is a game changer! Its a charging maelstrom of powerful layered noise that swirls & arc’s with reckless abandon as the driving drums, impressive soaring synth swells & explosive wailing guitars carve a path through the musical landscape with aplomb. The beautifully clear & pristine vocal arrangement sits happily atop the sonic arrangement, watching with giddying glee, as the tumultuous whirlwind of sound lays waste to everything around it. Absolutely Stunning! 

The full ‘Bloody Knives – I Will Cut Your Heart Out For This’ LP gets its official release on April 1st 2016 via Saint Marie Recordsand is available to pre-order right now from