Eureka California at Gold Flake Paint

I’m sure we’ve all had those moments when, amidst the storm of real life, the clouds part above us and fix everything in place, little messy strands that suddenly fall in to place, for even the briefest of periods. ‘Sign My Name With An X‘, the blistering new track from duoEureka California sounds just like that. Jumping at the chance to record with MJ fromHookworms when they were over on these shores, his inclusion and influence has shaped the band in to something that sounds perfectly concise and brilliantly vital. They’ve always been loud, they’ve always been imposing, but they’ve never sounded quite this good.

The new track precedes the band’s third LP, Versus, confirmed for release on March 26th viaHappy Happy Birthday To Me, and though it spins itself in to a frenzy that last for just-shy of two minutes it makes an immediate mark; the kind of fizzy and frenzied introduction that is difficult to ignore. The guitars rip and roar from the outset, and from there they simply fill the entire space, leaving no space to breathe as they swarm around the luminous vocal of Jake Ward, which acts like a juggernaut as it propels the whole thing towards its breathless climax. The whole thing feels wondrously alive, setting the tone for an album which might well provide 2016 which the most affecting of backside-kicks. Hold on tight because this one ain’t slowing down. Listen below.