Fireworks at Innocent Words

London and Brighton, UK

Members and Instruments:
Matthew Rimell – vocals & guitar
Emma Hall – vocals, tambourine, guitar
Isabel Albiol – bass
Shaun Charman – drums & additional guitar on the album

Short Bio (in your own words):
A muck about rehearsal, a couple of songs were enough to start The Fireworks. After a disastrous start with a sound engineer who promised the earth and then couldn’t get us – at all – we finally committed to a first ep 7″ single in 2013 and gigs around the UK. The first single was very
well received mainly by blogs and independent radio stations. Shaun joined in October 2013, and we continued to gig around the UK and Germany, leading to our second 7″ single – Runaround – which also received very favourable reviews as ‘single of the year’- by A Layer Of Chips and

This year has meant working on the album, getting the songs ready, recording and getting the sound right, which has to be put in the right hands, or forget it. Same as our art work really, which is done by the mightily talented Andy Hart. After a few (possibly) idiosyncratic, jumbled
ideas, he gets it, and always comes up with something truly spectacular and defining for the songs’ thoughts and ideas. The album ‘Switch Me On’ was created during the Summer of 2014 and has already created lots of anticipated excitement with Rough Trade. We’re very pleased with their
write up: “There will be no better indie pop album in 2015.”

What’s your favorite hometown spot (restaurant, bar, coffee house, etc) that you visit when you return home from tour?
We are all quite keen on food, so I guess a trip to a nice Indian Restaurant will always do the trick.

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