Fishboy at God is in the TV

The year twenty fourteen may well be drawing to a close but the productivity of Fishboy shows absolutely no sign of abating. Hot on the heels of the band’s seventh album An Elephant, and its  comic book accompaniment, comes the second video to debut off this record.

Where its predecessor ‘Bury My Body’ ventured deep into downtown Denton, Texas, ‘I’m A Ghost’ is just as happy staying in the suburbs of the band’s home city. Here Eric Michener, the man whose childhood sobriquet gave Fishboy its name, is in similarly playful, irreverent form as he nominally returns from the dead to guide the viewer through the various stages of how best to draw an elephant.

In keeping with the almost child-like surrealism of the video, its musical soundtrack is all sweetness and light. It fairly motors along with those major power-pop characteristics of cute infectious hooks, friendly verses and a rousing chorus all present and correct. Oozing a highly contagious toe-tapping quality, ‘I’m A Ghost’ has all the potential to be the indie feel good hit of this winter.

An Elephant by Fishboy was released on 1st October 2014 and can be bought right here.

Click through to check out the video!