Great Lakes at Neufutur

The Brooklyn-by way of Athens- indie band Great Lakes has been spent the past two decades churning out five records and managed to keep their sound evolving thanks to a collective of musicians that have come and gone with nearly each effort. Guitarist/singer Ben Crumb has been at the center of each record and for the latest, “Wild Vision,” he pulled in singer Suzanne Nienaber, bassist David Lerner, drummer Kevin Shea and keyboardist Joe McGinty.

Like most of their other efforts, the band blends a little bit of psychedelic and folk to their Indie Pop, but also rely on pedal steel and mandolins throughout this one for a subtle Americana vibe. The combined vocals of Crumb and Nienaber is a powerful combo, but the slow pace of the songs tend to have a droning effect after a while.

Beautiful but melancholy, regardless of the lyrics, “Wild Vision” is the closest thing the band has created yet to a break up album.