Hobbes Fanclub at Big Takeover (print)

The moniker of this coed Bradford, England trio’s album may insinuate something like vintage ZZ Top, but that’s light years off course. HFC bowed in 2012 with the outstanding “Your Doubting Heart” single, aesthetically fulfilling the promise of by-gone no-hit wonders from their home turf’s C86 indie scene 25 years ago. Up follows suit with that and 10 more utopic, tremolo kissed blasts that find them peering into their local reflecting pool with visages of early Primal Scream, Stone Roses, and Moose exchanging an approving wink and a nod back. The best of the best, including the intoxicating “Boy From Outer Space” and “Outside Myself,” could very well see the Hobbes ascending to the highest echelons of their ilk. Pains of Being Pure at Heart, consider yourselves warned!