Joanna Gruesome and Trust Fund at Get It On Vinyl

Only on vinyl can you really enjoy the magic that is a split EP. Digital only music consumers will never understand just how awesome they can be. The best splits are ones that compliment both bands who share just enough influences while at the same time maintaining their distinction.

Joanna Gruesome makes splits even better. Let’s start there.

We were introduced to Joanna Gruesome a couple years ago, and have been in love ever since. After releasing their first full length, Weird Sister, the Alanna Gruesome led low-fi project had some leftovers and the good folks over at Happy Birthday To Me Records were kind enough to make sure these tracks were not left to be lost studio cuts.

Included on the Gruesome side are two new songs, “Jerome” and “Coffee Implosion” as well as a re-working of “Satan” off of Weird Sister. The song is heavy, but more subtle than the original arrangement. Even with the weight of the track, it has a soothing quality, melodic and beautiful, even with the whaling guitar at the close. “Coffee Implosion” shows more confidence in Alanna Gruesome’s voice as compared to her earlier works. The band has grown tighter too, their low-fi sound becoming even more infectious.

The flipside is an introduction to another band from the same demographic. Making a name for themselves in the underground is Trust Fund. The first track, “Reading the Wrappers” is a darker song, but finds the groove with the chorus breakdown. The real magic of Trust Fund is the side closing track, “No Pressure.” Slower paced, the band achieves harmony with great harmonies, soothing guitars, and subtle horns.

Make sure to pick up a copy of this split from your local independent record store or directly from HHBTM Records.