Hobbes Fanclub at The Tipping Point

‘Stay Gold’ is the second song from the long overdue debut LP from The Hobbes Fanclub ‘Up At Lagrange’, and it’s accompanying video is perhaps a perfect companion for this Bradford trio’s sound. The video is grainy, hand held holiday footage the band took in Paris, and has that perfect home movie sense of nostalgia, familiarity and a warm fuzzy feeling permeates throughout.

Comparisons to their forefathers of pop drenched in distortion and reverb are obvious (and well deserved) with ‘Stay Gold’ recalling the familiar sounds of The Jesus and Mary ChainGalaxie 500 and Teenage Fanclub, but they’re no mere imitators. Their hard hitting rhythms, the interplay between the two vocals, and some memorable riffs help imprint The Hobbes Fanclub’s own style that echoes a familiar genre which sets them into a field with newer contemporaries like Joanna GruesomeSpook School and The Lovely Eggs. It’s a really rather lovely record.