Mark Van Hoen at Stuff to Blow Your Mind

We’re about to break for Thanksgiving here at STBYM, so how about a little Space Music?

First up, electronic music veteran Mark Van Hoen just released his new album “Nightvision” on Saint Marie Records. If you’re not familiar with Hoen (or his work under the moniker “Locust”), then I can’t recommend his gloriously organic, time-traveling ambiance highly enough — and I probably think to time travel due to his wonderful 1998 album “Playing With Time.” The work is glitchy-yet-beautiful, littered with vocal remnants like those emerging from some warm, psychedelic journey though a personal timeline.

“Nightvision” follows much of the same path, favoring warmly nostalgic threads through a world of IDM electronic sound. Watch the music video “I Love to Fly” below, buy the album on Amazon and stream it in full on Spotify.