Mark Van Hoen at Tiny Mixtapes

Remember several weeks ago, when we (the media) alerted you (the consumer) to the fact that chill electro/drone mastermind Mark Van Hoenwould be releasing a new album of trippy, soft-neon, late-nite-snackage calledNightvision on November 13?

Yeah, I know, we were pretty anal-retentively on top of our shit, considering what a laid-back piece of work this thing is sure to be. But I promise: today is different. Because as of this morning, you can exclusively stream the new album in-full leading up to its triumphant release! YES. And while you’re doing that, you can pre-order 972 copies of the album to give away to everyone in your high-rise condo, if so inclined. Betcha you’d be pretty cool and popular if you did that.

Nightvision is out November 13 via Saint Marie Records. Check out the soft, ambient firestorm down below, and get ready to FREAK-the-frigg-OUT.

Oh, but then, get ready to calm back down. Like real quick.