Mind Brains at Wondering Sound

Call Mind Brains a supergroup if you like — the Athens band features members of Olivia
Tremor Control, Marshmallow Coast, of Montreal, the Music Tapes and more —l but you’ll find no bombast or grandstanding on their deliriously delightful self-titled LP. Sound instead arrives in hallucinogenic waves: vocal harmonies bend and wobble, distorted synths blast and lurch and the drumming sounds like it’s lifted from some strange drunken dream sequence in an animated Dali nightmare. It’s Queen on Quaaludes, a distant mirage of the Fab Four at their most acid-eaten and freaked-out. Mind Brains is a blissed-out feast for the senses, bursting with unending joy.

Mind Brains will be released on Orange Twin Records on January 20.

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