Presents for Sally at Clickity Click

To what can we attribute the rhythmic bounce that propels “Wishawaytoday,” the deliriously great summer single that served as the harbinger for Presents For Sally‘s recently released sophomore set Colours & Changes? My Bloody Valentine‘s blindingly brilliant “Drive It All Over Me” is an obvious reference point, but we suppose the rhythm also echoed prominently within the Madchester sound that followed on its heels at the dawn of the nineties (think Northside‘s woozy banger “Take 5,” The Wonderstuff‘s earth-shaking “Caught In My Shadow”). Ultimately, from whence it sprang is no matter: “Wishawaytoday” is fantastic, and we suppose the delicate, shifting vocal harmonies in the verses may actually be the most arresting thing about the tune. Also notable is the record’s richly ethereal title track, which again applies a dance-able beat but also emphasizes the Bristol, England-based gaze trio’s strengths composing beautiful ambient instrumentals. Colours & Changeselsewhere is filled with spectral vocals and crumbling guitars and strong vibes, with the pensive “Sing” approaching but not quite matching the giddy appeal of the aforementioned single. Saint Marie Records releasedColours & Changes Sept. 11 as an LP, CD and digital download. All three formats are presently available via Darla Records’ digital storefront; the 250-piece color vinyl edition is apparently nearly sold out, so act fast if you are so jazzed. Presents For Sally formed in 2009 and issued its debut long-player A Touch of Joy, A Touch of Sadness the following year; the threesome has also issued a few singles and a compilation track. Stream “Wishawaytoday” via the Bandcamp embed below, and watch a video for the cut right here.