Presents for Sally at Joy of Violent Movement

Comprised of Matt, Anna, and Phil, the British shoegaze trio Presents for Sally has been deeply influenced by late 80s and early 90s shoegaze rock and alt rock, as well as dance music and hip-hop, which has not only expanded the sonic boundaries of shoegaze, it has also created some difficulty for critics trying to pin down who exactly their influences are. And yet, that should be a testament to how seamlessly the trio have meshed their wildly divergent influences.

Their debut effort, A Touch of Joy, A Touch of Sadness was released in 2010 to critical praise across their native UK. And the release of their “Anything Anymore” 7 inch, the band signed to Saint Marie Records, and began writing and recording the material that would comprise A Touch of Joy’s follow-up. And although it has taken several years to finish, the band has been productive of late, as they self-released a 7 inch last Christmas and will be releasing their long-awaited sophomore effort, Colours and Changes later this year. However, this summer sees the release of the “Wishawaytoday” 7 inch, which will serve as a teaser to the full-length effort. Seemingly drawing from The Stone Roses, the A side “Wishawaytoday” may be the most accessible and somewhat straightforward shoegaze track the band has released to date. Expect densely and interwoven guitars played through a number of distortion and effects pedals, and propulsive rhythms paired with distracted, almost disaffected vocals and soaring hooks that heighten the song’s ethereal feel.