Frog at Line of Best Fit

New York City’s Frog – an indie-country duo of Dan Bateman and Thomas White, not a squelchy amphibian – are sharing new single “Judy Garland” exclusively on Best Fit. Named after the famous Wizard Of Oz actress, “Judy Garland” weaves together lilting vocal scales, glottal stops, falsettos and all manner of intriguing vocal tricks. As well as the… Continue reading Frog at Line of Best Fit

Luxembourg Signal at Line of Best Fit

The Luxembourg Signal are a dream-pop band featuring members of Aberdeen and Trembling Blue Stars. With “Distant Drive,” the Los Angeles and London-based musicians serve up a summer-ready debut single. The refreshing track blends energetic guitar and punchy drums with just enough early 90s shoegaze-inspired distortion to give the whole thing a squinting-in-the-desert-sun vibe. Dust off… Continue reading Luxembourg Signal at Line of Best Fit