Throwing Muses at WithGuitars

HHBTM is honored to be handling the vinyl/cassette release and distribution for Throwing Muses Purgatory/Paradise. Released last November on CD with an accompanying book of lyrics/essay/artwork ,Purgatory/Paradise won the band some of the best reviews of their illustrious career. Coming on the heels ofKristin Hersh’s Rat Girl, a stunning piece of literature, P/P heralds a creative renaissance from one… Continue reading Throwing Muses at WithGuitars

Joe Jack Talcum at WithGuitars

It’s never going to be a hit. No one’s looking for this. It’s too subtle, too heartfelt, too understated. But everyone who hears it is going to fall in love, and isn’t that enough—after all there are better ways to measure success than stardom. [Link]

The Primitives at WithGuitars

Although the original line-up that THE PRIMITIVESstarted with in Coventry (England) included PJ Court (vocals, guitar), Keiron McDermott(vocals),Steve Dullaghan(bass) and Pete Tweedie(drums), before releasing their first and successful album, “Lovely”, in 1988, Tweedie had already been substituted by Tig Williams, and Mcdermott was replaced by the platinum blonde Tracy Tracy, the band’s true icon. Coming out of the independent scene that bands… Continue reading The Primitives at WithGuitars