The Primitives at WithGuitars

Although the original line-up that THE PRIMITIVESstarted with in Coventry (England) included PJ Court (vocals, guitar), Keiron McDermott(vocals),Steve Dullaghan(bass) and Pete Tweedie(drums), before releasing their first and successful album, “Lovely”, in 1988, Tweedie had already been substituted by Tig Williams, and Mcdermott was replaced by the platinum blonde Tracy Tracy, the band’s true icon. Coming out of the independent scene that bands like THE JESUS & MARY CHAINTHE WEDDING PRESENTMY BLOODY VALENTINEand PRIMAL SCREAM came out of, this line-up found the perfect balance between the crystalline guitars of THE BYRDS, the agility and speed of the RAMONES and the unforgettable melodies of ORANGE JUICE.