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Noon:30 at Burning World

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Muuy Biien at Burning World

A Muuy Biien track is featured on this mixtape from Burning World, along with Joanna Gruesome and some other great bands.


Close Lobsters at Burning World

The Close Lobsters are back with their first new recordings since 1989! While some (including me) might argue against such a drastic action after so long they actually seem to have pulled it off. The new record is called Kunstwerk In Spacetime and features two new tracks Now Time and New York City In Space. It will be released as a seven inch single and presumably mp3 on Shelflife Records on 27th May.


Luxembourg Signal at Burning World

Shelflife presents the debut single from The Luxembourg Signal featuring “Distant Drive” b/w “Wishing Pool” coming April 29th on limited edition vinyl and digital formats.
The Luxembourg Signal, while being a brand new project, features members who have been playing together for years as part of the much adored Aberdeen (Sarah Records). Several years, several bands — including most recently Fonda andTrembling Blue Stars — and a few reunions later, Johnny Joyner, Beth Arzy and Brian Espinosa started The Luxembourg Signal with Betsy Moyer and Ginny Pitchford. They have created a spacier, noisier, and more mature sound that occasionally harkens back to their early 90s roots. Piecing together almost ten years of ideas and nabbing any recording time possible with Beth when visiting Los Angeles from the UK, their debut is finally here. Six minutes and 25 seconds of pure-pop bliss that is the perfect teaser to their upcoming full length coming in late summer 2014 on Shelflife.

Distant Drive” is a song you will have an immediate love affair with and is easily one of the singles of the year. It makes us so happy to hear Beth’s dreamy vocals once again united with Johnny’s jangly guitars and Brian’s Wake-like rhythms. The B-side “Wishing Pool” is a demo recorded at an earlier Broiler Room session that we are pleased to have the opportunity to share on this release. Betsy is featured on lead vocals and her melodies tug at your heartstrings while the surfy guitars swell and float above the subtle synth orchestration.

The band also managed to take some time off recording to perform live supporting Shelflife labelmates The Ocean Blue in Los Angeles.