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Animal Daydream at Mad Mackerel

Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, Animal Daydream are a duo offering songs that are reminiscent of later Teenage Fanclub and Fleet Foxes, but also borrow liberally from the sound of ’70s soft rock, particularly Fleetwood Mac and CSNY, with their strong vocal harmonies and overall smooth, almost slick production.

New EP, Citrus is released at the end of this month and this is the excellent title track.


Animal Daydream at With Guitars

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Animal Daydream at Beehive Candy

‘Citrus’ has that classic jangly guitar sound that I associate so often with indie pop, however the vocals and harmonies really do take it into the realms of 1970’s soft rock. The overall effect is something quite timeless, so that the name checked references above really do hold water.


Animal Daydream at Austin Town Hall

Having talked about Animal Daydream last year, it only makes sense that I give some love to their new single, “Citrus.” Well, that and it’s just a really great track looking back to a pure era in American songwriting…though the group hails from Sweden. Imagine finding yourself in Haight-Ashbury, slowly indulging in really warm harmonies and smooth Cali guitar sounds. It’s charming to say the least, but I love how some of the chords slide out in the latter half of the song, carrying you gently into the song’s bouncing closing moments. The Citrus EP will be one of the first new releases from our favorite label, Jigsaw Records, hitting in late January of next year.