Great Lakes at Here Comes the Flood

Brooklyn based folk band Great Lakes have a new LP, Wild Vision. HCTF is premiering Wild Again, one of the tracks form the new album. Main man Ben Crum provided a little background:

“Wild Again” is a song about longing for a life more connected to the natural world, but settling for some form of metaphorical wildness within. It’s about living in New York City and feeling a pull towards open spaces and a simpler, slower paced existence. Over the years I’ve had many friends who had this same feeling, like a magnetic pull to move upstate, back down south, to California (or wherever) or to find a simpler, more basic kind of life, and to get away from the often hectic experience of life in big, crazy city. When we play this song live people tend to assume it’s a song about wanting to be young, wild and free of responsibilities. While I wouldn’t discount anyone’s take, that wasn’t what I intended when I wrote it.

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