Hobbes Fanclub at Big Takeover

Six years into their musical life, Bradford, UK’s The Hobbes Fanclub finally release a debut album that fully delivers on the sound developed on their early CDr and 7” releases.

Up At Lagrange embodies all that is great about dreamy, psychedelic fuzz pop. By combining The Jesus and Mary Chain’s immediate genius with the atmospheric qualities ofCeremonial-era Savage Republic, the trio of guitarist/vocalist Leon, bassist Louise and drummer Adamcreates catchy, memorable three-minute songs that burst forth with love, loss and energy. It’s the raw melodicism ofThatcher On Acid blended with the emotional purity ofModern English that makes for an astonishing, captivating album sure to remain in steady rotation for years to come.

Perhaps there’s something to be said for not rushing to put that album out right away, but taking time instead to let things coalesce into perfection. Or maybe it’s just the alignment of the stars. Regardless, the world is a richer place now that The Hobbes Fanclub have arrived. Tune in and melt.