SPC ECO at Backseat Mafia

Here at backseat mafia, were very proud to be able to premiere the new video from SPC ECO, Let It Be Always. As some of you (no doubt the hipsters)may know if that the band (pronounced Space Echo) is the project of former Curve member
Dean Garcia, alongside singer Eve Berlin.

The track is floating, blurry and beautiful experimental almost shoegazey pop, with the emphasis on sound and sound sculptures rather than straight up verse/chorus, and it’s all the better for it. The video is described by the band as being “inspired from the Berberian Sound Studio film, in that we
wanted to make something that sounded like it was recorded on an old
cassette tape machine. The video is a visual representation of what the
song is about which is feeling one way in one situation and then another
depending where you are and the loved ones you are with at the time. It’s
meant to depict a conflicted feeling of loss within yourself and how that
can make you question who you are and what you want.”

Click through for the video debut.