Mark Van Hoen at All Music

Nightvision is Mark Van Hoen‘s first album under his birth name since the preceding The Revenant Diary in 2012 — the producer issued You’ll Be Safe Forever (2013) and After the Rain (2014) asLocust. During that time, Van Hoen was involved with Children of the Stones and Black Hearted Brother, rather disparate and more collaborative… Continue reading Mark Van Hoen at All Music

Mind Brains at All Music

From the eccentric oasis of Athens, Georgia come Mind Brains, a shambling psych-pop ensemble featuring members of Marshmallow Coast, Olivia Tremor Control, the New Sound Numbers, and several other notables from the city’s vibrant indie scene. Their self-titled debut for Orange Twin is a highly collaborative affair and many have hailed them as a sort… Continue reading Mind Brains at All Music