Muuy Biien at The Big Takeover

Since their blistering debut, This Is What Your Mind Imagines (HHBTM), two years ago, Muuy Biien have honed their craft and expanded their sound while remaining true to their hardcore punk and ambient noise roots. With their sophomore full-length, the Athens, GA quintet attack with an unbridled fury that proves they are the new face of hardcore.… Continue reading Muuy Biien at The Big Takeover

Cosines at The Big Takeover

A year after their debut 7”, London’s Cosines release yet another small slab of vinyl that shows the band growing heavier, both sonically and lyrically. “Commuter Love” attacks with the bass-driven stomp of a classic glam rocker, all frustration and no frills, the sound of riding trains in circles but not really going anywhere in… Continue reading Cosines at The Big Takeover