Mind Brains at Red & Black

For decades now, Athens has been considered a town with a thriving music scene. Throughout the length of this reputation, which started with bands like the B-52s, the sounds of the Classic City have been associated with the weird and the peculiar. Local act Mind Brains’ self-titled debut does not stray from this motif of… Continue reading Mind Brains at Red & Black

Muuy Biien at Red & Black

You wouldn’t be blamed for assuming a group like Muuy Biien is full of pretentious pricks. Their general persona is built around a now infamous incident of vocalist Joshua Evans blatantly denouncing the band’s recognition for “Best Punk/Hardcore” band at the 2013 Flagpole Athens Music Awards. Its new release’s artwork even features a lifeless, hanging… Continue reading Muuy Biien at Red & Black