Bunnygrunt at This is Book’s Music

The album cover is homage to Black Sabbath’s Vol. 4 but instead of Ozzy Osbourne extending his hands, it’s a cat. Or at least I think it’s a cat. Nonetheless, Bunnygrunt are here with what some are calling their 4th or 5th album, but Vol. 4 (Happy Happy Birthday To Me) shows what it can… Continue reading Bunnygrunt at This is Book’s Music

Bunnygrunt at Tullycraft Nation

Hey! Bunnygrunt is about to release their fifth studio album titled “Vol 4.” This is their first new album since 2009. I’m sure the title, “Vol 4,” will confuse some folks, seeing as how this is actually their fifth album. I can only assume the band is viewing this as the fourth record released by… Continue reading Bunnygrunt at Tullycraft Nation