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Following very quickly in the slipstream of the release of their self-titled debut album, The Luxembourg Signal now unveil the video to ‘We Go On’, one of that record’s ten towering songs. As the Los Angelean quintet cross land and sea by road, rail and air, their journey’s musical accompaniment is the sound of a band who are opening up their skylight and just letting the sunshine pour in.

‘We Go On’ is a delicious slice of uplifting pop music, one that fuses the urgency of those earlyNew Order shimmering synthesiser melodies with the unhurried, dream-like vocal wonder of Hope Sandoval. As The Luxembourg Signal move effortlessly from London town to the Mexican state of Baja California and back again, ‘We Go On’ proves itself to be a most perfect travelling companion.

The Luxembourg Signal’s eponymous debut album was released on 21st October 2014 via Shelflife Records. The limited edition vinyl record has already sold out but the CD + MP3 can be bought right here.


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We Go On is taken by from the bands’ , who feature ex members of Aberdeen, Fonda and Trembling Blue Stars, debut self titled album which is out now on Shelflife Records. The album can be purchased here. I have not found a UK stockist yet but I am sure it will turn up at Rough Trade who still have copies of the excellent debut single Distant Drive in stock.


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When I bought The Luxembourg’s debut 7” single, “Distant Drive,” earlier this spring, I had no idea that much of the band used to make up Sarah Records staple Aberdeen from back in the day.  I simply knew that “Distant Drive” is an infectious and lovely song that perfectly fits its theme.  It makes for a great song to kick off a long road trip with its insistent drum beat and repetitive guitar riff literally carrying us along for the ride. Likewise, the B-side, “Wishing Pool,” (also included on the LP in a mildly different version) captured my adoration by being simple, catchy, and dreamy all at the same time.

So, now, finally, comes their self-titled debut full length and their long shared history as professional musicians proves why this band sound so seasoned and have offered up such a rewarding and fully realized album.  What is surprising is that though they share a history with the very reserved Sarah Records bands, this album takes away that beauty, but brings along a healthy dose of rock and roll edge.  Any question regarding this can be dismissed by the appearance of Melvins drummer Dale Crover on the absolutely pounding and psychedelic “Drowning.”  Speaking of psychedelic, this album has a few songs that harkens back to the late 80s UK indie scene where bands began to embrace at least tinges of psychedelics into their sound.  It makes me think of the Mighty Lemon Drops (oh, and look, former Lemon Drop David Newtonhelped record this album!) crossed with The Heart Throbs.  Check out the dreamy and trippy expanse of the opening “Dying Star” for a flashback or the atmospheric passages of “First Light,” before the power chords during the bridge.

However, it’s the wistful focused pop songs like the two from the 7” single that really have me grinning from ear to ear.  The Beth Arzy fronted “She Loves to Feel the Sun” sounds exactly like an amazing lost Trembling Blue Stars song gone into overdrive (Arzy sang several songs on the last few TBS albums) and is one of the best songs I’ve heard all year!  Speaking of which, the penultimate “We Go On” is also a contender for great song of the year.  “We Go On” begins with a crisp build up that reminds of Cerulean eraOcean Blue, but with the beautiful voices of Betsy Moyer and Beth Arzy leading us into a fantastic timeless chorus.  Both of these songs fill me with warmth and a chill as they simultaneously present great hopes and dreams and missed opportunities and longing.

Finally, the album closes with the amazing and bitter “Let it Go,” whose knowing words straddle the line between escapism (“let it go / we’re lying in the sun”) and the desire to fight against the constraints that we all live in – in order to make a living and get by in this world (“and shove you aside”), despite the potential soul sucking side effects (“swallow your pride / till you feel nothing inside”).   It’s a battle that most of us fight to some degree every day, but it’s still comforting to hear an understanding voice convey the feeling atop a very tasteful tune.

This debut album by the Luxembourg Signal feels like the return of an old long lost friend.  It makes me wistful for old times, bitter about what I’ve lost along the way, but thankful and hopeful for what is yet to come.  Do yourself a favor and buy this album.


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You know that feeling – when a single comes along and hypnotizes you, gives you hope that creative minds still exist, and winds you up like a jack-in-the-box, so that the moment that band releases something new, you pounce.

Earlier this year we brought you I brought to the GFP crowd Luxembourg Signal, the Aberdeen-meets-Trembling Blue Stars vagabonds that cruised to a distant horizon via the Bunnyman highway. Oooh, it wound me up, it did. And I knew an LP of material was in the pipeline, which pressed me down even further in the box.

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New project by members of Aberdeen and Trembling Blue Stars. The Luxembourg Signal has evolved from the remnants of Aberdeen, which after a long and bumpy road dissolved back in 2003. Several years and several bands- including Fonda and Trembling Blue Stars- and a few reunions later, Johnny Joyner, Beth Arzy and Brian Espinosa began a project with Betsy Moyer and Ginny Pitchford to create a spacier, noisier, and more mature sound that occasionally harkens back to their early 90s roots.  Piecing together almost 10 years of ideas, and nabbing any recording time possible with the now London-based Beth Arzy, their long overdue self-titled first album will be out on Shelflife Records summer 2014.
You will hear a vocal appearance by Aberdeen’s John Girgus on ‘First Light,’ Daniel Kumiega lends guitar on ‘Let it Go,’ and special guest Dale Crover (The Melvins) also generously contributes the heavier drum sound on ‘Drowning.’


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Die Indie-„Supergroup“ The Luxembourg Signal – u.a. mit Mitgliedern der Trembling Blue Stars und Aberdeen – ist zurück, mit ihrer neuen Single auf Shelflife «She love’s to feel the sun». Wer twee-esken, jangligen Gitarrenpop mag, wird auch hier nicht enttäuscht. Leider lässt sich der Stream nicht direkt einbinden, deshalb müsst Ihr zum The Big Takeover-Blog wechseln – HIER.


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Shelflife Records is one of the most reliably delightful little labels in our universe, so we are always willing to pay attention to one of their releases.  Their latest nugget is the self-titled debut album from The Luxembourg Signal, and guitar pop fans may well judge it to be one of the best releases this autumn.  Treading — or maybe swaggering down — the line between dream pop and shoegaze, with hints of ’90s college rock, this band sounds like a Sarah Records band reborn with the benefit of added power sources and a more mature outlook on songwriting.  And that may be because, more or less, that’s what this band is.  Members Johnny Joyner, Beth Arzy and Brian Espinosa, all of whom were with Sarah Records darling Aberdeen (and Fonda and Trembling Blue Stars), started The Luxembourg Signal with Betsy Moyer and Ginny Pitchford.

The ten tracks on The Luxembourg Signal are emotionally rich thematically and musically.  Arzy’s perpetually youthful vocals remain a sweetly commanding focal point, while the guitars crash, thunder and soar in support.  The previously released second track “Distant Drive” heralded the guitar power that the band would deliver on this recording.  But the band’s depth is revealed by the more pop oriented third and fourth tracks, “Heaven” and “She Loves to Feel the Sun”.   Track five, “First Light”, unspools like a delicious slice of Echo and the Bunnymen or Bauhaus, with shoegaze overdrive.  The sixth and seventh tracks, “Drowning” and “Wishing Pool”, envelope the listener in waves of thick, jangling guitars. “Un-Phased” is a brief and gentle instrumental, and serves as a delightful lead-in to the driving dream pop “We Go On”, which may ultimately be one of many fans’ favorites on this album.  The album closer, “Let It Go” is a surprising and perfectly constructed jam, with near top 40 bounce and a delightful vocal hook wrapped in shoegaze.

The Luxembourg Signal is an LA-based band, although Arzy still resides in the UK so recording time together is limited.  I don’t know what that all means for the future recording output from the band, but I do know that this first effort is amazingly good and I highly recommend it.


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