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Stutter Steps at Backseat Mafia

Stutter Steps, the Pittsburgh indie pop six piece outfit, are today premiering their debut video Fog right here on Backseat Mafia. Taken from their forthcoming self titled debut album, it features Dean Wareham from Galaxie 500/Luna on slide guitar. Singer/Guitarist Ben Harrison met the indie luminary through his job at the Warhol Museum, where he devised a project where bands wrote music and performed scores for the Andy Warhol Screen Tests.

Fog is this rather lovely slice of americana infused indie pop. Its full of wistful melancholy, wrapped up in jangling guitars and this shuffle from the rhythm section. It got the sort of tune thats its very hard not to fall in love with, especially when its sugared with these beautiful vocal harmonies. So sit down, make a cup of tea, and luxuriate in Stutter Steps Fog.

Check out the similarly wistful video, with views of misty (well, Foggy I guess…) forests and scenery below.


Stutter Steps at Magnet

Stutter Steps, the project of songwriter Ben Harrison, is gearing up for the release of their self-titled debut on November 27. Featuring a dreamy slide-guitar performance from Dean Wareham, Stutter Step’s new song “The Fog” is an organic and breezy indie tune. Download it below.

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Stutter Steps at Broadway World

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Stutter Steps at Austin Town Hall

Okay, so maybe Stutter Steps aren’t your new favorites, not yet anyways. But, those of you who’ve carefully wrapped yourself in a world of indiepop and Australian/NewZealand guitar craftsmanship will surely find yourselves a new band to adore. This first single is as fine example of the art of songwriting as I’ve come to hear, which should come as no surprise; Ben Harrison, the man behind the band, can call himself a contributor/collaborator to the works of Dean and Britta(if you need to look that up then it won’t mean much). Still, I can hear the band’s references toFlying Nun, though I prefer to imagine Harrison crafting his own American version of the Go-Betweens. There’s incredible melodies and such a gentle warmth; you’re bound to find this the most endearing tune today. Their self-titled album will be out soon via Wild Kindness Records.