The Primitives at Big Takeover

Triumphantly returning after their 1992 demise, Coventry, UK’s The Primitives deliver their first full-length of original songs in twenty-two years. Spin-O-Rama finds the band in top form, stripping down to the bare essentials that made the band so great in the first place. Taking a step away from the noisy Jesus and Mary Chain/Ramones attack of their earlier… Continue reading The Primitives at Big Takeover

The Primitives at Power Pop Gumdrop

Jangle pop legends the Primitives strike gold again with this pure classic. Everything you could hope for in a power pop album is heard on Spin-O-Rama. Jangly guitars, infectious hooks and harmonies, and anything else you can think of is explored on this album. This will exceed any expectations you have for what modern classic… Continue reading The Primitives at Power Pop Gumdrop

The Primitives at AllMusic

A good general rule for a band attempting to make an album after re-forming would be to do no harm. Don’t sully the past by making an uninspired update of your classic sound, don’t try to be modern and come off sounding desperate…don’t suck, basically. The Primitives already passed this test with flying colors thanks to their… Continue reading The Primitives at AllMusic

Primitives at Porky Prime Cuts

THE PRIMITIVES HAD IT ALL in the fag-end of the 1980s: harmonic pop songs serenaded by the photogenic Tracy Tracy, an accomplished songwriter in Paul McCourt and those songs: Crash, Stop Killing Me, Really Stupid and Thru’ the Flowers. They arose from gloriously cultish indie pop band to a hitmaker. Their biggest hit, Crash, was also their finest moment, and… Continue reading Primitives at Porky Prime Cuts

Primitives at Ion Magazine

Acts that are on the legend tour are notoriously disappointing, unless of course you go to VH1 for your contemporary content. The Primitives’ new release is a shocking treat, maintaining their songwriting chops, and cashing in on a resurgence of dream pop, with younger bands name checking The Primitives as influences giving them a bump not… Continue reading Primitives at Ion Magazine

Primitives at This Wreckage

The slow re-introduction to the Primitives has finally culminated in a full length album of new material!  After eons away, they returned to action in 2011 with an EP (see review here), then graced us with an interesting covers record in 2012 (review here) and finally they teased us with the fun way pre-LP single, “Lose the Reason,” back in… Continue reading Primitives at This Wreckage

Primitives at Morrissey-solo

The Primitives have a new album out. The band are still together and writing some great 60’s inspired pop songs. […] There’s a small piece here, about when Morrissey turned up at one of their gigs. I do remember seeing Morrissey in quite a few photos sporting that Primitives t-shirt. I used to like when Morrissey championed… Continue reading Primitives at Morrissey-solo

Primitives at Linear Tracking Lives

Where has the time gone? This weekend marks 10 years since John Peel’s turntable stopped spinning. As we are all managing the juxtaposition of sadness and celebration, I have asked Paul Court of the Coventry band the Primitives for his remembrances of listening to and performing on the legendary BBC Radio DJ’s program. Special thanks… Continue reading Primitives at Linear Tracking Lives