Eureka California at AllMusic

Over the course of two albums, the Athens, Georgia duo Eureka California staked out a place as breezy, fast-working punk-poppers with a foot in the twee pop world and a healthy obsession with the slacker noise of the early to mid-’90s. Their third album, Versus, is still firmly in that realm, but singer/guitarist Jake Ward… Continue reading Eureka California at AllMusic

deardarkhead at AllMusic

Active since the late ’80s, New Jersey-based dream poppers Deardarkhead only have a handful of releases to their name, and merely one of them is a proper full-length. That album, Unlock the Valves of Feeling, appeared back in 1998; since then, the group’s original bass player and vocalist Michael Amper departed from the group in… Continue reading deardarkhead at AllMusic

deardarkhead at AllMusic

‚ÄčLong-running New Jersey shoegaze band deardarkhead gives us an exclusive first listen, plus a track-by-track rundown of their new EP, Strange Weather. Now an instrumental act, the band delivers six new tracks of propulsive, psychedelic rock, with plenty of big, ringing guitars and driving drums. So press play, then scroll down for commentary from drummer… Continue reading deardarkhead at AllMusic

Witching Waves at AllMusic

Witching Waves‘ first album, 2014’s Fear of Falling Down, was built around sprightly, noisy indie pop like that which the Vaselines used to play in the late ’80s. It was a good sound for the London trio, showing off their bouncy male/female vocals and youthful enthusiasm. A couple years later and they sound all grown… Continue reading Witching Waves at AllMusic

Great Lakes at AllMusic

Less than a minute into 2016’s Wild Vision, the fifth full-length album from Great Lakes, group leaderBen Crum and bandmate Suzanne Nienaber join their voices and sing, “I say fare thee well/To all of trouble, to all of care/Let’s breathe the purer air/All the old sadness won’t be there.” However, it’s not hard to get… Continue reading Great Lakes at AllMusic

SPC ECO at AllMusic

Dark Matter is the sixth full-length album by SPC ECO, a project centered around former Curveguitarist Dean Garcia and his daughter Rose Berlin, with contributions from numerous guest musicians. While the group started out making noisy yet poppy electronic-tinged shoegaze in the vein of Garcia‘s former band, it abandoned guitars for its 2014 album, The… Continue reading SPC ECO at AllMusic

Knowlton Bourne at AllMusic

The debut long-player from the Jackson, Mississippi-based singer/songwriter with a name that sounds like it should adorn the cover of an Antebellum-era etiquette guide, Songs From Motel 43 findsKnowlton Bourne wrestling with twenty-something wanderlust by offering up a Deep South rendering of breezy Southern California power/slacker pop that conjures up images of lost small-town weekends… Continue reading Knowlton Bourne at AllMusic

Static Daydream at AllMusic

Static Daydream are a noise pop duo led by Paul Baker, previously known as the frontman for cult favorites Skywave and the underappreciated Ceremony (the shoegaze one, not the hardcore one that eventually signed to Matador), along with his girlfriend, Jamie Casey. Like those bands, Static Daydream follow the Psychocandy formula of taking Phil Spector‘s… Continue reading Static Daydream at AllMusic

Marshmallow Coast at AllMusic

Nearly two decades into his career, indie pop auteur Andy Gonzales returns with Vangelis Rides Again, his ninth LP under the Marshmallow Coast banner. Mysterious, with a murky, almost sensual attitude, Vangelis runs the Coast‘s typically clever popcraft through a midnight-blue filter, resulting in nine attractive explorations that evoke the magic hours before dawn. The… Continue reading Marshmallow Coast at AllMusic

Fireworks at AllMusic

Noise pop combo the Fireworks have an impressive pedigree, sporting vocals from Emma Hall ofPocketbooks, guitar and vocals by Big Pink Cake’s Matthew Rimell, and drums by Shaun Charman ofthe Wedding Present and Popguns. They take inspiration from the long line of great noise pop bands the U.K. has churned out over the years, from… Continue reading Fireworks at AllMusic