Frog at the 405

When I think of the music scene in Brooklyn, I think of the last day of a festival, I imagine bands littering the streets like piles of used food containers heaped around bins. Strewn across sidewalks, waiting for a strong wind to scatter them into the doorways of bloggers, whose parents can afford to treat… Continue reading Frog at the 405

Frog at Austin Town Hall

There is something about short, concise band names that’s becoming very appealing both aesthetically and mentally. Frog, from Queens, N.Y., falls into that category, and it will release new album Kind Of Blah on May 25. Frog shares frantic first single “King Kong” for free download. The song is a frenzy of fast guitar licks… Continue reading Frog at Austin Town Hall

Frog at Mad Mackerel

New additions to the marvellous Audio Antihero roster, New York duo Frog’s offering Judy Garland (with artwork from regular MM fave Benjamin Shaw no less) is a brilliant lo-fi romp through vocal gymnastics, uptempo, infectious banjo rhythms, and a fabulous falsetto chorus. [Link]

Frog at Gold Flake Paint

Oh, Frog. We’ll never forget the moment they came waltzing in to our life, bare-chested, mile-wide grins, channeling every American guitar band we’d ever loved and every dead-beat town we’d never visited. Their debut album was a favourite of ours, and yours, and everyone who heard it – which, sadly, of course, was far fewer… Continue reading Frog at Gold Flake Paint