Presents for Sally at Razorcake

Very accurate ‘90s shoegaze dream pop that pairs well with cooler temperatures and falling leaves and insert-favorite-autumn-thing-here. Too much of a copycat band for me to really get down with them, but they’ve got charm. “We Fought Lucifer (And Won)” and “Sleep Tight” could easily soundtrack your “College Dorm, 1993”-themed Halloween party.

Joanna Gruesome/Trust Fund at Razorcake

Trust Fund took me a couple listens to warm to. I like the unpolished style, and the vocals, when they harmonize, are great. They can get a little too precious sometimes, but then the majority of the time they’re pretty good, whether it’s a guitar buzzing with distortion, or the harmonized vocals, or even when… Continue reading Joanna Gruesome/Trust Fund at Razorcake

Joe Jack Talcum at Razorcake

I confess: I am not, nor have ever been, a Dead Milkmen fan. I mention this because Joe Jack Talcum is the guitarist and a vocalist in the revered satirist punk outfit from Philadelphia. Being unfamiliar with the Milkmen’s albums has allowed me to be objective when listening to this collection. Ultimately, I was pleasantly… Continue reading Joe Jack Talcum at Razorcake

Crayon at Razorcake

Crayon were an early ‘90s lo-fi twee punk band from Bellingham, Washington. They thrived on zine culture and shared the stage with Superchunk and the Melvins. HHBTM have lovingly reissued their album, Brick Factory, which has been out of print for years. Besides the LP, the download code also includes twenty-one extra songs from compilations… Continue reading Crayon at Razorcake

Eureka California at Razorcake

Pleasant pop offerings from Happy Happy Birthday To Me are not unusual, and Eureka California (no comma, and from Athens, GA, not Eureka, CA) is no exception. This platter offers eleven fun scrappy pop songs with a punk bent from a two-piece on guitar, vocals, and drums. The songs range from happy, to smartass (see… Continue reading Eureka California at Razorcake

Bastards of Fate at Razorcake

This is a pretty trippy record. The songs switch from a pop sound to nursery music to a campy goth thing. The cover has a picture of a model-sized Swiss-looking mansion through psychedelic eyes. It’s a perfect image for their music. I should also mention there’s a great cat family album photograph on the back.… Continue reading Bastards of Fate at Razorcake

Casper & The Cookies at Razorcake

Casper & The Cookies are an Athens, GA pop band that can be loosely linked to the Elephant 6 Recording Company Collective because of one of the members having been in E6 bands Of Montreal and The Sunshine Fix, among others. Musically, they don’t stray far from the pop side of the E6 aesthetic—poppy and… Continue reading Casper & The Cookies at Razorcake