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Lunchbox at Across The Kitchen Table

Yesterday Dougie the postie arrived at the door with a record from the US which I thought was strange as I wasn’t waiting for anything from there!

I opened it up and found a record by a band I had never heard of with a note.

“Hi There

You are receiving a copy of the new Lunchbox album titled “Lunchbox Loves You”. courtesy of Jigsaw Records and Crashing through publicity. Due to the unorthodox practices of Jigsaw, we do not have a fancy press sheet to show you. Instead, we just have this great record and the links below. Thanks for your time!”

I was curious as I hadn’t heard of the band before but Mike at Crashing Through Publicity had sent me the Luxembourg Signal single and a few other albums which I haven’t gotten round to reviewing. So last night I put the bright red vinyl on the turntable and gave it a listen.

The music is nothing radical new but if you like lo-fi indie pop, especially of the mid 90s variety then this will be right up your street.

I decided to have a look further into the band and it appears that this is the duo of Tim Brown and Donna McKean’s  second album  and first since 1999. Not sure what they have been doing for all of that time but for a part of it the formed a “fuzz-pop supergroup” with Mike Shulman of Slumberland Records and Stewart Anderson of Boyracer fame, called Hard Left.

You should give it a go. Here is the lead track off of the album.


Luxembourg Signal at Across the Kitchen Table

It’s Record Shop Day today but I didn’t get up at 06:00,  trek into the town and queue outside Monorail for a couple of hours this morning, as after scouring the list of releases extensively I couldn’t find anything that warranted that sort of effort this year. I will visit Monorail later in the week or maybe next weekend and see if the couple of things that did interest me are still available, if not nae dram as they say. I decided that the money saved will be put to better use on a couple of northern soul singles that I am trying to find at the moment.

Anyway back to the what I think will be short lived series of posts on new music. Mike at Crashing Through Publicity sent me through something a few weeks ago that caught my eye.The blurb said that Luxembourg Signal was the new project featuring members of The Trembling Blue Stars whom I loved. Although Distant Drive isn’t the most cutting edge piece of music it is a damn fine example of jingle jangle, summery indie guitar music which harks back to the time when every release from Sarah records was an essential purchase if you wore stripey t-shirt and anorak.

The single will be released on the 29th of April on limited 7″ and digital form and is well worth purchasing.