Knowlton Bourne at Big Takeover

Mississippi singer-songwriter Knowlton Bourne is a man desperately on the run from nothing at all. On his debut album Songs from Motel 43(Misra Records), the 23 year old constantly mulls over the bottomless threat of a “long way down.” He tackles this fear by hitting the same lonely highway taken by many a songwriter before… Continue reading Knowlton Bourne at Big Takeover

Thee Koukouvaya at Big Takeover

Hailing from the Greek island of Crete, the mysterious duo known as Thee Koukouvaya deliver a solid electric pulse that is both compositional and danceable on their debut full-length. This Is the Mythology of Modern Deathexplores the many modes of electronic music, from glacial ambiance to thumping dance music. “The Magnetic State” kicks things off… Continue reading Thee Koukouvaya at Big Takeover

Knowlton Bourne at Big Takeover

Recorded during a year he spent working on a farm outside of Oxford, Mississippi, “out of school and out of his mind,” Knowlton Bourne’s Songs From Motel 43 is the debut album from the 23-year-old Mississippi native. It’s been described as a cross between Pernice Brothers and The Verve, and dang if it don’t sound… Continue reading Knowlton Bourne at Big Takeover

Presents for Sally at Big Takeover

England’s Presents for Sally continue their spacey shoegaze pop excursions on their long-awaited sophomore full-length. Building on the ideas set forth bySpacemen 3 and Spiritualized, Colours & Changes delves into dreamland while retaining a pop sensibility that offers solid songs with strong hooks amid the chaotic swirl of distorted guitars. Monstrous waves of noise give… Continue reading Presents for Sally at Big Takeover

Presents for Sally at Big Takeover

Ah, the long awaited second album from one of my favorite bands of the past few years. England’s Presents for Sally dives deep into the psychedelic shoegaze musical vein and has created a shimmering, loud, and blisteringly beautiful suite of songs this time around. Consider “We Fought Lucifer (And Won)” as guitarist/vocalist Matt Ethertonwrestles with… Continue reading Presents for Sally at Big Takeover

Static Daydream at Big Takeover

Fredericksburg, VA’s Static Daydream follow their acclaimed 2014 “The Only One” EP (Moon Sounds) with a hazy full-length blast of melodic melancholy. Static Daydream picks up where Paul Baker finished with Skywave andCermemony (shoegaze band, not hardcore). Here, beside girlfriend Jamie Casey, he continues riding on crests of waves of distortion while floating in a… Continue reading Static Daydream at Big Takeover

noon:30 at Big Takeover

Washington, D.C.-via-Detroit-based electro-charged female duo, Noon:30, explode with an EP that runs the spectrum of rage – from quiet to crushing. Not resting in any single genre, Finding Release heralds a new movement of wide-eyed, jaw-clenched cyberpunk. The opening “Dream” draws you in with soothing, spacey electronic pop that recalls Laika and Sneaker Pimps in… Continue reading noon:30 at Big Takeover

Lunchbox at Big Takeover

Singer/guitarist Tim Brown and bassistDonna McKean have been perfecting their sugary rock recipe as Lunchbox on and off for over 15 years now. Last year, the duo released Lunchbox Loves You to renewed acclaim. Their latest is a six song appetizer of even stickier, rot-your-teeth-out power pop. Dubbed the Smash Hits EP, the duo’s candy… Continue reading Lunchbox at Big Takeover