deardarkhead at When the Sun Hits

Formed in 1988, the Atlantic City based trio deardarkhead simultaneously represents the very best of the classic shoegaze movement, as well as the contemporary one – their sound is timeless and beautiful, and their output has been consistently stellar right from the start. “Ice Age” is taken from the band’s forthcoming LP, Strange Weather, which… Continue reading deardarkhead at When the Sun Hits

deardarkhead at Backseat Mafia

We’re delighted to premiere the new, second single titled Falling Upwards, to be taken from darkdarkdarkhead’s new EP Strange Weather, which drops on March 25th via Saint Marie. Already having been the subject of a retrospective via Captured Trakcs, the band have continued to make slightly psychedelic shoegaze despite the band’s singer leaving in 2009.… Continue reading deardarkhead at Backseat Mafia

Witching Waves / High Violets / Great Lakes / Eureka California / deardarkhead at Babysue

We’ve always felt there’s been a void in the world of music since The Fastbacks released their unbelievable string of knockout albums in the 1980s and 1990s. There was something particularly appealing about the band’s genuinely delivered loud fuzz pop injected with sinfully addictive hooks. This is the first time in a long time that… Continue reading Witching Waves / High Violets / Great Lakes / Eureka California / deardarkhead at Babysue

deardarkhead at Here Comes the Flood

When their singer left the band in 2009 Deardarkhead gave up on finding a replacement pretty quickly and reinvented themselves as an instrumental post-tock shoegaze trio. Based in Atlantic City, a place of ill repute whose glory days are long gone, they let the music do the talking with the song titles hinting at what… Continue reading deardarkhead at Here Comes the Flood

deardarkhead at Whisperin and Hollerin

Apparently Deardarkhead having been going since 1988 and have somehow totally passed me by until I was sent the band’s latest album Strange Weather to review. How did that happen? Oh well, let’s start at the beginning It appears that this is a band who decided that after their original singer left it was better… Continue reading deardarkhead at Whisperin and Hollerin

deardarkhead at Pop! Stereo

DearDarkHead’s Mini LP Strange Weather is a six song ethereal journey into the post-shoegazing landscape.    This instrumental record is utterly gorgeous and features some of the best guitar work I’ve heard on an instrumental work in a really long time.  And while the musicianship on this record is top notch or higher, it’s one of… Continue reading deardarkhead at Pop! Stereo