Fishboy at douilles des rockeur

Encore un très joli album concept pour le texan qui donne cette fois-ci dans le pachyderme maltraité et la vengeance d’outre-tombe. Si le résultat est un peu moins impressionnant que le chef d’œuvre Albatross (…) (2007), on a droit à notre bonne rasade de ce folk-punk-pop si authentique et attachant. [Link]

Fishboy at Magnet

Denton, Texas group Fishboy, which has been described as “twee-core-punk-pop-spazzo-nerd-rock,” offers a free download of “Thomas Alva Waiting,” off new concept album An Elephant. The track is indie-rock bliss with pop/punk vocals centered around strong narratives and a touch of power pop. “Thomas Alva Waiting” explodes with tasty riffs while still keeping the same mood… Continue reading Fishboy at Magnet

Fishboy at Coalition

This is the quirky video for Texas rock band Fishboy. Fishboy are named after frontman Eric Michener who once ate a live fish in middle school as a dare. The track is a poppy, crunch-driven ode to mortality and plays out extremely well. The album, An Elephant, as a whole is concept-based centered  around an… Continue reading Fishboy at Coalition

Fishboy at Glasswerk

What would it sound like if Why?’s Jonathan “Yoni” Wolf fronted a lo-fi punk band infused with organs and garbled, stretched cassette tape sounds? It would sound like Fishboy, and it would be completely mind blowingly great. Hailing from Denton, Texas, Fishboy’s new album An Elephant is released on January 20th, 2015 and you can… Continue reading Fishboy at Glasswerk

Fishboy at Comic Book Resources

 Musician Eric Michener of the band Fishboy discusses his latest project,An Elephant, an album and graphic novel about a ghost elephant seeking to avenge its death; both are based on the true story of Topsy, an elephant who was executed in public in 1903 to demonstrate the efficacy of electrocution as a method of execution. [Link]