Fireworks at Fingertips Music

A blistering, buzzy shot of punk-ish pop (or, perhaps, pop-ish punk), “Runaround” is a brazen reminder that digitalia only gets you so far in a world that still exists in three dimensions (so far). There’s a chunky permanence to the guitar-bass-drum attack of The Fireworks that renders the knob twiddling that dominates 21st-century pop music… Continue reading Fireworks at Fingertips Music

Fireworks at Polaroid

Nome più azzeccato i Fireworks non potevano sceglierlo. Con quel suono esplosivo e dirompente, forse non vanno tanto per il sottile ma sanno garantire divertimento dalla prima all’ultima nota. Il loro album di debutto, finalmente arrivato dopo un paio di singolisempre su Shelflife, rincara la dose e si intitola Switch Me On: grazie ragazzi, ne… Continue reading Fireworks at Polaroid

Fireworks at Sound of Violence

The Fireworks : si ce nom ne vous dit rien, c’est que vous ne vous intéressez probablement pas à la noisy pop britannique. Ces vingtenaires ont en effet sorti deux premiers quarante-cinq tours ultra prometteurs, et totalement sold out, en 2013, et nous délivrent enfin leur très attendu premier opus :Switch Me On. Résolument adepte… Continue reading Fireworks at Sound of Violence

Fireworks at Towle Road

English indie noise pop act The Fireworks released their debut album Switch Me On last week on go-to noise pop label Shelflife. A perfect addition for fans of feedback/shoegaze/pop punk/noise pop, Buzzcocks, Girls At Our Best!, We’ve Got A Fuzzbox and We’re Gonna Use It! (for the second time this week),The Shop Assistants, Bananarama, Meat… Continue reading Fireworks at Towle Road

Fireworks at Porky Prime Cuts

PORKY WAS DELIGHTED TO recently receive a copy of The Primitives’ first album of new songs in humpteen years. Until then he had almost given up hope of hearing pure pop again, then The Fireworks’  Switch Me On (Shelflife records) was dropped in the mailbox by a hard-working postie due to become redundant any day… Continue reading Fireworks at Porky Prime Cuts

Fireworks at Innocent Words

Hometown: London and Brighton, UK Members and Instruments: Matthew Rimell – vocals & guitar Emma Hall – vocals, tambourine, guitar Isabel Albiol – bass Shaun Charman – drums & additional guitar on the album Short Bio (in your own words): A muck about rehearsal, a couple of songs were enough to start The Fireworks. After… Continue reading Fireworks at Innocent Words