Fishboy at Dagger

You can be forgiven for not knowing about this long-running (well, about a decade) Denton, Texas-based bunch led by erstwhile Eric Michener (aka Eric Fishboy). If I’m counting correctly (using my fingers) this is full-length number four (and a graphic novel/comic book, too) and hot on the heels of their previous one, Classic Creeps that… Continue reading Fishboy at Dagger

Tunabunny at Dagger

Athens’ prolific no-wavers Tunabunny are at it again, presenting their fourth album in as many years, and it’s a stunner. It’s dense, complex, and dark. It’s also easily their most experimental record to date. One minute they’re doing this really great indiepop take on Belinda Carlisle, all sweet harmonies between Brigette Herron & Mary Jane Hassell…until… Continue reading Tunabunny at Dagger